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FGL Wave Ring Brass

187,50 kr

FGL’s Wave Ring – Brass is a symbol of quiet strength and graceful aging. Its design, resembling a wave about to break, captures the beauty of fluidity and simplicity. Crafted in durable brass, this ring shines with a subtle brilliance.


As it ages, the brass will naturally evolve, developing a vintage patina that adds character and uniqueness to each piece. A symbol of elegance and resilience, this ring tells a story of time’s gentle embrace.


Size: US 7 & US 8


To make your FGL Wave Ring Brass last longer:

– You can give your ring a top coat with nail varnish. To protect the brass longer!

– Keep separate from other jewellery such as silver and gold.

– Avoid lotions, makeup, hair spray and perfumes as they will accelerate tarnishing. 

– Keep out of water.

– With time your brass jewellery will fade and loose it’s color to a more vintage look.

We don’t accept returns on Brass because with time it will fade. (which we think makes it even more beautiful)

For Good Luck!

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