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FGL Peace Ring Brass

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FGL’s most popular jewellery, everyone’s favourite – The FGL peace ring

Brass ring made as a big peace sign. Inside the ring we have our own signature – FGL.

Adjustable size (smallest it can get is 16 mm diameter)


– Lotions, makeups, hair spray and perfumes will accelerate tarnishing. Avoid having your jewellery associated with this.

– Keep out of water.

– Keep separate from other jewelry such as silver and gold.

This is to make your necklace last longer. With time your brass jewellery will fade and loose it’s color to a more vintage look. We don’t accept returns on brass cause with time it will fade. (which we think makes it even more beautiful, see picture 3. One ring is brand new the other one has been used for a year! that’s how it can look¬†after a while )¬†

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