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No mass production

Everyone deserves Good Luck,

FGL Store, a small scale business based in Bua, Sweden.
Founded in 2012.




We work closely with families in Jaipur, Northern India and in Canggu, Bali.
The entire process is by hand, with manual labour.

I design on paper, print by using wooden blocks and dye in small batches.
No item is made in mass production.

All colours used are natural.

I strive to create a long lasting wardrobe and believe that fashion doesn’t have to come in seasonal collections.

Slow fashion is made to last.

After buying FGL clothing,
I recomend that you wash them by hand and allow to hang dry.
It’s better for both our environment and your new garments.
Save years to your piece by washing by hand!

FGL don’t follow seasons.
The collection is for everyday, all years to come.
The production is weather dependent.

The production is made at slow pace, due to sun, wind and rain.

It arrives to my store when it’s ready.
The production usually takes about 6 months to complete.

FGL’s production team, men and women are working together,
With fair wages.
I’m very proud to say that my business supports
around 20 families in Jaipur and 10 families in Canggu.

Zero Waste Project

The project ‘Zero Waste’ as I aim to create clothing
that reduces left over fabric on the cutting room floor.
The belief is that as little as possible should be wasted
Given that normally about 15-20 % of the fabric used to produce clothing
ends up as waste, this project is no easy task.
But with a bit of creativity and innovation I allow our creators to reduce their textile waste when cutting and printing.
This is only natural that what cannot be prevented from being left over should be recycled into small items, like hairbands and scarves.

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