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FGL x Miranda Rebecca

Hi Miranda,
Fun that I, Jacob, get the chance to interview you and let you share more about FGL in a more private way.

Please, let’s start, who you are?

– Hej, I’m a mix between dreamer & a doer. Believe in positivity, seeing the good in people, trying to better myself when and where possible.
Big lover of a warm climate. Struggle to take the long Swedish winters, the darkness is something else. I won’t lie, I moan every winter. Makes me sad sometimes too, because I like our set up here, as much as I dream away.

I have always been very driven & believed in what I wanted to do. My parents have never been very involved, they used to question, ” is that really good” ”what if”… They come from that era where you just did what you had to do. Don’t speak up and question. I’m the opposite of that. I can sit back and watch. I believe in change. Change is good, we grow from it.

My family has grown bigger these past couple of years. Lucky to find love in Thailand in 2011. We spent about a week together and then I knew I needed to be with this Englishman, so flew to you 7 months later when you were living in Sydney.

We worked for a while in Sydney, then travelled through Asia for few months.

2013, we started our life together in Bua, Sweden. Been here ever since.
A lot has happened in those years. Chickens, kids, renovations, we have kept ourselves busy. Long days and a lot of hard work. Our first renovation project was the house I bought back in 2010. ‘Lyckan’ was originally built in 1850. Such a gem!

Summer 2016, Jake bought a summer house not far from where we lived and the renovations started all over again. Insane I know, but really fun! We saw the potential of it when no one else did. During these years I was working with FGL, building and growing the company. Oh and had a full time job as an operator at a sawmill.

I promise you, if you focus on the things you really want You can do it. It’s a about dedication and where your focus and energy goes. All of it has been an experience.

…and we made it!

I talk and eat fast. Love traveling to new places, being on a beach, doing nothing at all.

Also a lover of real deep conversations, but can thrive on silence.
Kind people with a bigger heart are the ones I keep close.
If I can be honest, I have crossed paths with a few selfish, sour eggs throughout the years. But you can learn from these people, that is one positive.
If and when your health and mind are getting beat up by others ego, then you know it’s not good at all. So please follow you gut feelings and don’t stay around. Promise!?

When did you start with social media, and how do you feel about it now?

When did that interest begin?

– It was when I moved over to Sydney, on my own, back in 2010. Just used it like my photo book. All my photos were taken with the hipstamtic filter, loved that back then. Gosh, all my photos from Australia have a blurry 70’s vibe.
Instagram then was new and not many were on it. Then I noticed a change at the end of 2011-2012.

More and more people back home wanted to know where I bought my pants. Wore the same outfit all the time, so the pants appeared in almost every photo 🙂

I spent so much time in Bangkok and it was there I bought them. So through Instagram, I started taking orders and sending them home. Really fun being a ‘personal shopper’ in Bangkok, still whilst traveling.
This is where the idea started, hand picking pieces and selling them. Back here I had a #mirandasinstabyxor hahaha! So cute!

Mirandas instagram can be found here – mirandarebecca

Dream big, what would you do if anything was possible?

– I would volunteer. In places where poverty is most severe. Hoping to give the children and animals a nicer future.

-Dream about having our own farm, being self sufficient and live a very simple life. Grow everything we eat, sell flowers and produce a lot of energy from sun & wind power.

What made you really, really happy last?

There is so much to be happy about. Corona is looking like it’s getting better. I was really happy last week when I had a full night sleep. Being heavenly pregnant makes it hard to get a nice rest. Received a thank you letter from a customer, which made me so happy! She sent me her art work as a thank you! The little things in life really, Jake is home now with me and Finn just before our new babys arrival and that is very precious too. Our last days as a family of three – soon to become four.

If you could give FGL’s followers a tip or piece of advice, can be anything, what would it be?

– Follow your dreams and dare to do it even if it’s scary. Don’t share too much about your plan to the ‘NO’ sayers though. Share it with the people that are similarly minded, who will be happy and push you forward!
…it’s one of the bravest things you can do… invest your time when you believe in your dream!

You celebrate 10 years with FGL this year! That’s great, congratulations! 2012-2022!
How would you describe your brand?

– I hope those of you who follow FGL, can see a sustainably kind brand, that does things a little bit differently. Where focus is not mainly about hard selling, focus is more towards the people who are behind the clothing, everyone in FGL’s chain is so important!

Simply put, I wish for everyone to invest in clothing that has no expiry date and made with quality and love. We need to re think when it comes to fashion. My goal for FGL is to be friendly and inspiring amongst other things like sustainability.
I love that you get to meet the makers behind the craft. It’s important for me to share the whole process, from the starting line to the finishing line.

And do you have a favorite piece you can recommend?

– Personally my favorite has to be the soft cotton dresses, especially now I’m in week forty of pregnancy. So comfy and oversized. Oh and the Peace Ring, had mine on for eight years straight. Never take it off!

I want to finish this interview with saying :
Thank you so much for your time and being kind always!
YOU, inspire me todo better every day! & I still jump of joy for every order coming in, same feeling still after 10 years, nothing I take for granted. The market is too big and lucky me you choose FGL, so thank you! 

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