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FGL x Martina & Eduarda

I’m so excited for this collaboration! It started with a Hello few months ago…

Please tell us more about what you do and who you are?

– My name is Martina Hilar. I´m 42 years old, half Greek, half Swedish, born and raised in Sweden. I live in a town called Varberg with my husband Mark and my two kids, Juia and Jakob. I like to cook, watch movies and I love to travel. One of the benefits of travel is the opportunity to have new experiences and witness different cultures. It´s also very important to me to always have a creative project along my side. For as long as I know, I´ve always been interested in photography. As a child I remember that I loved looking at pictures. I don´t know how many times I´ve looked through my mom´s photo albums. I remember I wanted to know everything about the people in the pictures. It sounds weird but I almost felt that I had a connection with them. For those pictures, I wasn´t told a story, instead I created my own stories. It was wonderful letting my creativity drift away. I loved the feeling a picture left me with. It brought out all kinds of emotions in me which I think is pretty beautiful. Now looking back… I guess I was a photographer already as a child. Although I didn´t have a camera I made pictures in my mind and let the creativity flow. Unfortunately, the lack of confidence told me I could never handle a camera. But all that changed when I turned 40. I promised myself to start following my dreams, to stop judging myself, to leave my comfort zone and to start going in the direction that I desire.

Few months back you wrote to me via instagram and said you would like to interpret FGL, or if I needed help taking photos, that you were available . Around that time my new project ‘collaborations’ had just started, which is new and wonderful people interpreting FGL just how they would like, without me being alongside. Usually it’s me choosing models and being the photographer. So this series is a fun way for others to tell their story through pictures.

Martina, when I met you you told me about how you met Eduarda, can you please share your story?

– Last summer I dared myself to ask strangers if I could take pictures of them. I remember seeing Eduardas cute kids playing at the beach. I asked her husband if they would be interested in my photographing them. It was on the day of the shoot that I met Eduarda for the first time. I remember her being very happy and easy to talk to. I instantly liked her and also remember thinking that she was very beautiful. Just a few months ago, one of my models canceled a photoshoot and I needed to find a new one. While meditating Eduarda was the one that showed up in my head and heart. I asked her, she said yes, and we created magic together. It was so much fun! Thinking back, I´m so happy for pushing myself to step out of my comfort zone. Unexpected and great things happen when you dare, act and believe in yourself. In my case I gained great photo experience and a wonderful friendship which also has lead us to you Miranda.

You really find the perfect locations, together with the model, you’re magic behind the camera, where does that gift come from? That’s a special talent right there!

– Thank you, Miranda. I don´t really know. I guess I´ve always been very creative in one way or another. I feel the best when I can be completely free to experiment with my thoughts and ideas. I see the beauty in everything, even more now when I´m behind the camera. Being a photographer has really made me reevaluate the environment. I love how an unkept location to me can be beautiful and almost vulnerable. I try to see people the same way, there´s something nice and beautiful with everyone. That´s also what I want to catch behind the camera.

I think meetings between people are just meant to be. I’m amazed how you come to think of FGL x Eduarda and now you’ve made it happen just like that. Companies put down many hours to plan the details of photo shoots. Pretty cool how great it can be when you just go for it! Follow that feeling and idea and create something so beautiful! I love it! No planning… according to me those times are the best times.

– I completely agree with you. It´s such freedom for your soul and heart when you actually listen to your intuition. I had entirely other plans for the FGL pictures with Eduarda but the inner voice in me screamed for something else the moment I saw the location. I just had to follow along with the feeling and trust that everything would be ok and also let go of the control. In my case, I work better when I´m in less control. It´s also more fun because it´s scary, challenging and no matter the outcome it´s a good experience.

Anything you would like to share about FGL? I’m thinking about what was going on during the shoot, how did you come into character, what were you both talking about, how do you see FGL? Always fun to hear.

– I absolutely love FGL, mostly because I feel that your brand is based on humanity and kindness. You have managed to develop an authentic voice built on empathy and I love that!!! The brand to me is grounded, personal and genuine and it´s for anyone out there. With that said, it wasn´t hard to play around and have fun at the actual photoshoot. It was like the FGL values was dancing around with us, we were swept away in a playful and beautiful moment, and I truly think that it has a lot to do with what outcome on life you, Miranda, have, especially when it comes to values of people and the envoirment. I also didn´t think I needed a lot of props while taking the pictures because your clothes really speak for themselves!

You had packed a big bag full of FGL clothes for me to have at the shoot. It was so much fun to see Eduarda with the different outfits on. It was like opening Christmas presents. We thought we picked out the best dress and then the next one was even better. We both were blown away with how beautiful the clothes are. You´ve done an amazing job, Miranda. One of Eduarda´s kids was with us, and he said several times that she has to start wearing dresses. The way he looked at her was priceless, so beautiful and emotional.

Thank you Miranda for letting me interpret FGL, it was truly an honor.

Hello Eduarda! Darling thanks for being the model for this collaboration – tell us a little bit about yourself!

– I’m 36 years old, I´m married and I have two wonderful sons. I work as an accounter in Varberg. My interest since childhood has always been fashion and my dream is to start my own business designing sports clothes.

How do you find it working in front of the camera?

– It´s so much fun! I love working with Martina. Working with her is always very playful and easy. She manages to make the photoshoot creative, expressive and emotional. There´s no boundaries in the communication in between us, which is very liberating. She makes me feel comfortable and together we create a wonderful vibe.

Without knowing you I would describe you as a playful happy outgoing person, and this is just by seeing you in the photos! Am I right? For me I always try to get an idea of the person in the photo, what’s their story etc, so please share.

– Yes, you are right, that´s pretty much me. I try to always stay positive and young in mind.

I love that energy! Always stay young and positive 🙂 You and Martina + FGL is one magical team! I’m so happy to share this work with the rest of the FGL community. Anything you would like to share about FGL? I’m thinking about what was going on during the shoot, how did you come into character, what were you both talking about and so on? 

– What I love about FGL is that you can follow the process from the start to end. It´s very nice to be a part of and quite rare for business to share in my opinion. By you doing this I know that the clothes are of high quality, that there´s an environmental thinking and also that you through your business create jobs for others. I love that you can follow the whole chain.

Thanks so much for your love and kind hearts! I absolutely love your work girls! Thanks for the bottom of my heart. 



Clothing used in the shoot:

Summer Dress

Wrap Dress Honey

Green Polka Dot Dress

Apron Dress Olive

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