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The story of 


This market started with a dream of having great people under the same roof – to open up and share creations and dreams together, a meet and hang out place.
This was back in November 2013.
Lucky me my friend  had a great space for the event few months later.

– Coastal people was the first thought for the name but thinking of it few minutes I felt it should be in Swedish;  Kustfolk, cause it’s both in Swedish and English. A great name.
All of us doing this event are also from the west coast of Sweden.

Anja kindly lend us her space back in march 2014, it was her saloon that was perfect for our market cause it had an empty space waiting to be used.



First event:

The visitors could get a free make up done, we had coffee and cakes in one corner, and this was served on hand picked cups from second hand. So cute! Little did we know before that LOADS of visitors would join us. But it all worked out. We were so busy.

I think all of us was in chock afterwards because of the massive response.
We never thought so many would come, it was such success from the start.

The first event will always feel extra special but the barn in Strömma Farm lodge was also amazing in it’s own special way, we had the event twice in Strömma and three Kustfolk at Bruket in Varberg.
In 2020 the 7th Kustfolk was going to happen but got cancelled due to Covid-19.

Over the years the market grown bigger and bigger and we always kept the same line of artisans,
Being the creator of your own work – small scale businesses with a lot of love behind the products.

Here is the list of Kustfolk’s throughout the years.
Their Instagram names, in case you want to check them out:

@patternplan @strommafarmlodge @dromma @sofiaatmokkasin @johannabradford @katarinasegerbrand @blomsterdekoratoren @theassemblylineshop @ochform @mbform @frokendisa @vindenvbg @earlybirdbc @tjardoftokarlek @johnsplace1970 @soxs @axkonstochkeramik @brittas.strandveranda @fruvintage @fridaclerhage @emelie.hallberg @majamaika @emma_von_bromssen @jennyvexala @w.inkit @jewili_jewellery @jennyjens @miss_janna_swimwear @ochform @malinsignal @svensktladerbyanna @ohahcreativeworks @anotherblog @malinarsbogsart @lisarydcarlsson @hejingeborg @artbybroling @kutymsweden @farfarslycka @ciakeramik @gavies_gardar @aprillaprilljohanna @60garnernord @louisevidelyck @sloinge_kafferosteri @malinhenningsson @atom47 @lefinkleather @litekalabalik @hannawendelbo @kollijox @lisaburenius @eklund_keramik


Please follow the hashtag #kustfolk

Hope to see you all again soon,
best wishes.


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