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How For Good Luck Began

Get to know little bit more about Miranda Rebecca, the driving force behind For Good Luck.

Hi there, I’m Miranda, the founder and owner of For Good Luck.

Me and my family live on the west coast of Sweden in a small town called Bua, I was born and raised by the sea. Jacob and I have a fantastic 2 year old son, a flock of chickens and a beautiful cat called Sydney.

If you had asked me in 2012, what I would be doing for a living in 2021, I don’t think I would of said ”a business owner of a lifestyle brand reaching people all over the world”. It’s pretty cool where dreams can take you if you dare to follow them. Start small and grow along the way.

It started with a green pair harem pants.

My green harem pants were the only pair of ‘long trousers’ I had traveling back in 2011. At that time I lived in Australia and used Instagram as a travel diary for my photos. Back then you edited your pictures in ‘hipstamatic’ so all your photos had a frame or looked like they were taken in the 70’s (all my travel pictures are like that, great) hahah!

Leaving Sweden with that one-way-ticket.

I wanted to explore different countries, far away from Sweden, so I chose Bondi, Sydney and had the best time of my life.
Along the way I fell in love with Bangkok and in particular spending time in the night markets shopping vintage clothing.
More and more people started to follow me on Instagram & they were asking about the harem pants I was wearing. And if I could buy and send them, sure why not! I had a lot of free time and this was the beginning of my business.

People were inspired by my traveling account, without me really knowing.
I shipped pants all over the place and before I flew back home to Sweden,  I shipped 200 pairs of pants if not more, using the hashtag #mirandasinstabyxor it surely was a game changer.

2013, was born!

At this time it was more than just pants, hand picked items from artisans in Bangkok.

Still a very small collection which grew bigger after each visit to Bangkok.


Hours spent on Instagram looking for inspiration I came across a company who made the most amazing hand made throws. I was taken by the whole process. Never seen such skills before. I emailed them and 4 months later I was visiting Jaipur.

From throws to For Good Luck’s own products, so lucky finding an amazing team working traditionally with a natural process. 6 years now & we created over 7000 pieces together!

October 2013, The name – FOR GOOD LUCK

I sat by my favorite restaurant close to Koh san Road. Love that street it is always busy, always something happening. A beautiful chaos.
Like all other years the umbrella man was coming by, I almost felt he recognized me. He makes the umbrellas him self, very impressive with one arm. We ended up having a long chat and I ended up saying -”no no I already have an umbrella I bought before, and the same reply as always.” -Come on, it’s For Good Luck.

That very night I said, That’s the name of the company! Its bloody amazing! Lots of the gems in the shop were for ”For Good Luck”, small lucky charms as elephants, crystals and things that said to bring good Luck.

I give thanks to the umbrella man, he surely gave me good luck in life. Thanks to him, my store has the best name!

I believe in kindness

I’d like to believe my products create more love and kindness. Purely from all the effort put into every single piece being made, from start till finish. Working with extremely talented artisans, proud of their jobs and which goes generations back.

The traditionally way takes time, a lot of effort put into every detail. Hand made is here to stay!

This also means the product being worn proudly, and the owner will look after the piece for years with respect. FGL strives to create products that many feel comfortable in no matter size. We live in a world where everything goes so quick, rules to fit in everywhere, it’s not sustainable in the long run, not least to say healthy.

Happiness & kindness for everyone that’s my goal. Hope you guys can feel that,
Thanks for following For Good Luck,



All the photos below are from the time I made important decisions, that changed my life.

1st photo when I had my going away party in 2011, I was wearing wings, because I was flying away towards freedom and the unknown on my own. The rest is from Bangkok buying pants and shipping them. Basically the same today, just on a slightly larger scale.

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