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FGL x Buon Giorno Principessa

Hi Anna, How fun that I have the chance to interview you and that you wanted to talk about FGL in your way through language, pictures and text.

Can you describe who you are?

– I’m a dreamer. With a great need to be in reality. An emotional storm on the inside with a reasonably calm outside. Love the heat. In humans and on summer nights.

My dark hair and brown eyes I have inherited from my Croatian father. I call Sweden home. But I feel as much as part of Croatia and especially Dubrovnik. I talk and eat fast. Everything else I probably do quite slowly.

Love for real conversations, but also thrive on silence.

Your instagram touches so many with beautiful pictures and text, it always arouses something inside me. You do it so well!

When did that interest begin?

– I’ve probably always had an interest in words and picture. In creativity I find myself. A sense of calmness I do not want to be without. Love being in my bubble!

Anna’s instagram can be found here – buon.giorno.principessa

Dream big, what would you do if anything was possible?

– I would volunteer. In places where poverty is most severe. Hoping to give the children a nicer future. I would live in an old beautiful house right by the sea, with my family. There I would have endless cultivation possibilities, for all my flower dreams. With my own ceramics workshop.

What made you really, really happy last?

– I was moved and so happy about a book that suddenly lay in my mailbox. But I’m happy with the sun. The birds chirping. The sunsets. Yes, there is so much to be happy about.

If you could give FGL’s followers a tip or piece of advice, can be anything, what would it be?

– It would probably be to listen to their feelings. Think it’s one of the bravest things you can do.

You who followed FGL for a while, how would you describe my brand?

– I would describe FGL as sincere and genuine. Friendly and inspiring. I appreciate the transparency of the production and the meeting with everyone behind the craft. That the target group is so broad and the products timeless.

And do you have a favorite piece you can recommend?

– My favorite garment will be the Polka dot dress!

Thank you so much for your time and kind words and wisdom. YOU, inspire!

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