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FGL x dearlizette

Hi Lizette, Thanks for giving me the opportunity to interview you and your man. It means a lot that you two wanted to interpret with FGL your way through language and pictures from your home.

Share little bit of yourselves, who are you and Tobias?

– We are Lizette and Tobias, a couple since nearly 6 six years, living in Halmstad. We love vintage things, country music and decorating our home together. We love everything unique or old in both style and interior, and always try to have sustainability in mind.

You always inspire so much with your style, I love how you upcycle things with such creativity – when did that start?

– We have both always been creative persons who had our own style but in recent years I (Lizette) have been very worried about the climate changes. Therefor we try to be even more creative with the things we already have or buy secondhand.

Could you please share one thing that made you super happy last?

– Spring is making us very happy! Looking at our dog Quinn rolling in the grass when the sun is shining is pure joy!

Have you always been good with conscious choices? If not when did you make that change?

– I (Lizette) was a fast fashion girl like many other before. Up until a few years ago when I started reading more about climate changes. Then I wanted us to change into being more conscious about what we buy. Secondhand or made in a sustainable way is now our go-to.

Do you have a good tip on how to choose well building your wardrobe?

– Choose clothes that you love, not just because they are on trend. And don’t be afraid to mix patterns or colors or wear clothes in unexpected ways, in that way you are not obligated to buy new clothes but can use what you already have. Choose sustainable brands if you are buying new.

Image example: Lizette is wearing the robe as a cool kimono!

Do you want to see more of Lizette her blog is here – dearlizette

If you can share anything about FGL, and how you think of the brand what would that be?

– We love the craftsmanship and small scale production of FGL clothes, and that it’s a small business run by a woman. We love to support that kind of shop, instead of buying from big brands. And there is always so many beautiful designs! Linen shirts, flower prints and brass things is our favourites at FGL!

Thanks so much for all the photos you shared with us and your time, so nice to hear more about you both Lizette & Tobias.

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