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FGL x Nicole @amvalland

Hi Nicole, How fun that I have the chance to interview you and that you wanted to talk about FGL in your way through language, pictures and text.

-Can you describe who you are?

I am a Chilean woman that own her actions, a woman that doesn’t know everything, a woman that rather a painful true than silence or lies, a loyal though friend, a loving wife, a fan of my children and a good listener.

-How Do you find Sweden? Can you Please share a bit How it was moving over here? 

Sweden is such a beautiful country, I haven’t really being for so long in south of Sweden to visit other places, but here up north, nature is one of my favorites.

In the beginning it was difficult for the language, and cultural “manners”. Many believe there is not much of differences, but there is a whole universe of them, more when you are a latina; we hug and kiss to say hi, we argue when we see something we do not like, we celebrate EVERYTHING, we dance when we are happy, we love to help people, we don’t have so much filters, etc.  But I have also learn new things, and I really like how kind people is. If we are positives, I have the best of both worlds hahahahaha.

Moving to Sweden was hard, but it was my decision and i don’t regret it, in Sweden I found the space to connect with myself in a way I never did, to decide what things I want or won’t have in my life, Sweden “raised” the man I love, and gave me the peace and safety I need to have a family. Life doesn’t need to be easy for us to be happy.

– Share a bit about How the Journey started for you when you decied to open your shop? 

I started renovating some old furniture that I found in an old house we have in the property, people reacted very good to the items I put out for sale in the area, so I started to look for new items to fix. I was so happy  to be able to work from home and be with my daughter when she was a baby, and I did it at my phase with the incredible support of my husband. And things stared to grow from there. Customers are also incredible kind. Very happy to have that community.

-I love your photos, How Did you learn to take such good photos? Where Do you think the creativity comes from? 

My Husband is a photographer. I started using one of his cameras to take pictures. I basically learn by practicing. I practice a lot, and I did online studies too. I love interior, so I decided start with interior photography, and then it just grow. Im still studying to get better at it. We will see what happens.

I am a fan of old movies and classics. I have a lot of inspiration from movies, musical videos, music itself, my country, Chile is also a huge source of inspiration, nature, our cities, bohemian shows, etc.

-You live up north, so far away from where I am located ~ I have north of Sweden on my wish list since my relatives are from Vittangi, can you share some about beautiful Norrland? (love to see some photos if you have)

If I would have to use a word to describe Norrland is “MAGIC”. Perfect place to connect with nature, and reality. 7 years living here, and I always find new spots that surprise me. I love the forest!


Thank you so much Nicole for you time and letting us get to know you more!
Nicole is the owner and founder of Nicoles Lantgård,

You will find the shop right here.


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