In a world where you can be anything Be Kind!


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Get to know For Good Luck.

Being kind is the best thing, whether it’s for the planet or if it’s people.
Our mission is to Be good, Do good far and beyond.

We believe in climate change.

We believe in zero waste.

We believe in getting rid of toxic chemicals.

We believe in respecting our waters.

For Good Luck is more than a retail platform for sustainable and ethical goods –
We are working hard to engage and inform so many we can along with this journey,
to make a better world,
and to make consumer choices that are in harmony with its natural balance.

Resource use:

FGL’s production has less impact on mother earth since all is made by hand, using natural materials.
Our garments are developed with a family business in Jaipur, India & in Canggu, Bali.
They work with small-scale production, and with a unique technique, dabu printing. Where they use clay and wood blocks to print patterns on fabrics

Natural colours:

The colouring process is from natural materials, which means a security for all those who work with the process, as they are not exposed to the chemicals that are commonly used in textile manufacturing. The fabrics are then rinsed in fresh clean water and are dried outdoors in the sun and wind. All garments are sewn by hand and are made in small collections with a durable thought behind them, in contrary to “fast fashion”. No two textiles are exactly alike. All garments are made at purposely slow pace. Production time purely depends on our beautiful mother nature.

Less waste:

Working closely with production team we always make sure that as much as the fabrics are being used. Left overs becomes scarfs and hairbands. Or cuts of fabric can be used as wrapping the parcels when shipping out.

For the good of the people

From Varberg to Bali – India

Each person we work with is a member of our family

We believe in fair and transparent working conditions.

We believe in slow and considered fashion.

We believe in supporting local and artisanal production.

We believe in individual empowerment.

For the good of the product

From stitch to seam, everything we design is done in Sweden Varberg, driven by Miranda and her skilled designers team in both Bali and India who pour months of their love and passion into each piece so when you put it on it’s like magic.

For the good of the planet:

• Small scale production of making garment that’s not focusing on Trends and seasonal looks, FGL pieces are here to stay, today and for the future! Timeless is the right way!

• We hope to impact more and more people to change their way of thinking, and to choose FGL a Slow fashion brand.

• Production is made in a traditional way which has less impact on the planet where natural resources are used.